I am currently a first year student studying Physics, Philosophy, and Bioengineering at UCSD Sixth College. I have senior standing as of December 2002, and I entered with junior standing due to excessive AP exam credits (National AP Scholar standing) and community college credits. These are the
Courses I have taken... at UCSD


Summer Session I 2002

  1. Psyc 170: Cognitive Neuropsychology with Rama (P/NP) - Pass
  2. Math 20E: Vector Calculus with Sieburg - took final exam for fun (did not want to spend >$100/unit for a LD course that is merely high school multivari calc review for me). got an A+?

Summer Session II 2002

  1. Psyc 177: Psycholinguistics with Dieter - A (A+ on paper 1/A on midterm/A- on final and paper 2)
  2. Phys 2D: Quantum Mech and Relativity with Pathria - took final exam for fun, again, got an A+ (top 10 out of 100 ... 82%). too cheap to actually pay for the course
  3. Math 21D: Differential Equations with Sieburg - did the homework. posted it all online because i got pissed at his 50% homework grade breakdown. got scared to extremes at the resultant final exam, probably because everyone was getting perfect scores on homework from copying my solutions and he assumed everyone "got" the material. (Sieburg courses are 50% final; 50% homework)

Fall 2002 - Some geeks at MIT convinced me that "all first terms at science schools are pass/fail." i didn't really believe them at first, but by sixth week, i was slacking and partying like mad. these are the consequences of such actions:

  1. Phil 145: Philosophy of Science with P. M. Churchland - B (C on midterm/A on paper, which he claimed "thoughtful"/probably a C on the final) I got sick of Thomas Kuhn's science as a giant popularity contest "paradigm" too early on to have heart to seriously read the material of the course. phil classes here tend to be mostly based on reading, unfortunately, so my grade thusly sufferred.
  2. Phil 120: Symbolic Logic with Ballarin - A- (89/90 on midterm due to a mistake the prof had in one of the handouts. 100% on homework. 80% on the final. 92% for an A. i got a 91.2 % or something overall. no curves. things suck apart.)
  3. Phys 100A: Electromagnetism with Intrilligator - A on midterm; A/A+ on homework; no comment on the final exam. it was the last of all the courses i officially listed here and a few other final exams i decided i wanted to take "for fun."
  4. Chem 6AH: Honors Chemistry with Weare - A ... don't ask me how. i spent over 70% of the course just doing homework in class, without really listening to the lectures. i think this could have been an A+ if the TA didn't hate me for skipping so many discussion sections and pointing out so many of his mistakes (some small, but many oft BIG).
  5. MATH 210A: Math for Engineers and Scientists with Rabin (P/NP) - Pass... complex analysis (which was the whole topic of the first qtr of this year long math course for first year grad students) was fun in the beginning, but the rest got tedious. my lackings in calculational-grunt-work abilities totally got to me. doing integrals using residue theorem pissed me off and then the whole asymptotic series weren't much fun either. the coolest thing about the whole course was probably the point at infinity phenomenon. for a reason i know not how to explain to others, i find it extremely reminiscent of my first understanding of Gauss' Law back when I crammed for AP Physics C: EM.

Winter 2003

  1. Phil 105: The British Empiricists (Locke/Hume) with Atterton - B ... bleh. Locke was a freak, and Hume defied rationality by stating that "reason is and ought to be the slave of the passions." How can one ace such a course? Anyway, got the modern-phil requirement done with. I can do ancient phil from now on if i want to. (Although, I'll probably take Kant eventually.)
  2. Phil 149: Philosophy of Psychology with Bechetel - A ... it's psychology mixed with phil. both of which i like.
  3. Phys 100B: Electromagnetism with Intrilligator - A ... it's physics, and i actually read the material this qtr....... so what else can you expect?
  4. Chem 6BH: Honors Chemistry with Weare - A ... not an A+ >.< grrr... so close, too!!
  5. Beng 1: Intro to Bioengineering with Chen/Intelliglietta(?) - P ... well, they made me speak in front of like 500 ppl without any sort of pre-warning. i deserved to pass, even though like many of my other classes, I rarely attend lectures. (like they denied my idea of credibility, and then they forced me to lecture about it. what freeeakks.)

Spring 2003 (current term)

  1. Phil 122: Advanced Topics in Logicwith Sher -
  2. Phil 146: Philosophy of Physics with Callender -
  3. Phil 151: Philosophy of Neuroscience with PS Churchland -
  4. Phys 100C: Electromagnetism with MacFarlene -
  5. Phil 180: Teaching and Learning Physics with Jones -
  6. Chem 6CH: Honors Chemistry with Hoeger -
  7. Phys 4E: Quantum Mechanics for Physics Freaks with Bransen -